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10/20/2008The Smallest Letters Written, Si.

From Engadget, A team at Osaka University has recently written the letters Si using an Atomic Pen. The letters are transcribed in a  “2 x 2 nm (or 40,000 times smaller than a strand of hair) which took about an hour and a half to complete.”

Sometimes, technology does not have a point, but to be able to say that one has successfully been able to do something. This is a large step in nanotechnology, because the smaller we can do things, the more mobility we get out of our gadgets today. While there may not be great implications in the technology market at the moment, imagine a world where watermarks”on an image are invisible to the naked eye, but an original contains amazing technology, differentiating it from fakes in the most impressive and minuscule way possible.

A link to the article can be found here.

10/19/2008China Adds More Security to Internet Cafes.

From ChinaTechNews, China will begin mandating added security in Internet Cafes that will require first time users to get their photo taken, as well as scan their personal identification card to be added to a database. Li Fei, the spokesperson for the law enforcement team “says that by saving the image pf the netizen, they can prevent the repeated use of one identification card by several persons.”

I assume that the repeated use is meant to stop multiple people from being charged for time spent inside of an Internet cafe. I am aware that the Internet cafe phenomenon is much more popular in the East and I can imagine that these places are much larger than what we see Internet cafes as. As of right now, Internet cafes don’t work except in the largest cities here in the US, as mobile technology is very popular.

A link to the article can be found here.

10/19/2008New Nintendo DS updates!

A report at Kotaku brings us news of the Updates coming to the Nintendo DS, originally from Nikkei Net, the reports show of an updated Nintendo DS meant to compete with cell phone technology. The New DS will add, among other updates, a memory slot for MP3 playback, a larger screen and a camera. The new DS will have added functionality to the Nintendo Wifi network, and will be able to download new games as well.

I’m on the line of thinking the new DS is just a step in saying, “Hey, the DS is still doing well.” We’re all aware of how great the Nintendo line is doing, but I don’t think that many people are going to update their DS lite versions to this, because it’s a bit on the expensive side. The functionality that the new DS will add are already seen in a multitude of handheld gadgets on the market today.

A link to the article can be found here.

10/12/2008Beijing to Receive New Best Buy!

From ChinaTechNews, despite problems in the past, it has been confirmed by Beijing’s SciTech shopping center that it will be adding a Best Buy store to the B2 level. Apparently at some earlier point, Best Buy had announced that it had planned to open 4 new stores in the Shanghai area, but had later retracted that statement, so for many, the addition of a new Best Buy store comes as a surprise. The article lists Best Buy as being a “high end” electronics store, so I’m quite eager to see what kind of offerings that the store will have for the Chinese population. Will it be specifically what we are able to buy here in America and what differences will the Chinese government implement for Best Buy to function?

A link to the article can be found here.

10/12/2008New Sony E-reader!

The new E-Reader from Japanese company, Sony was recently unveiled, boasting new features including a lit screen and a stylus which will enable users to highlight text, as well as add notes to their ebooks. Unfortuently, unlike the popular Kindle from Amazon, the new Sony model will synchronize with a PC to load books into its memory. Sony hopes to have a wireless feature in upcoming models, but wishes to decentralize the buying process to enable its users multiple venues to purchase books.

Having played with the Kindle, this is a step in the right direction for me to possibly consider buying one. The Kindle is an amazing device, making your screen look as if you’re reading it off of paper! However, with an electronic device such as this, features are what are important.

A link to the article can be found here.

10/12/2008World Bank Under Cyberseige!

Slashdot reports (with the original report coming from FOX news) that for apparently over a year, the World Bank has been under siege from hackers with IP addresses originating from China. There had been a month period between June and July where the hackers had full access to the World Bank’s network as well. “In a frantic midnight e-mail to colleagues, the bank’s senior technology manager referred to the situation as an ‘unprecedented crisis.'” This is a pretty interesting story to find, as in my Q-class, we just recently spoke of the World Bank, in the sense of the organization being pretty bad for governments in the long run, despite that–this is a pretty shocking thing to see happen. I thought my original reaction would be to laugh at this, but I was really more shocked, and felt quite a bit of sympathy for the World Bank.

Interestingly enough, they are trying to keep this under wraps.

Link to the article can be found here.

10/05/2008China to recieve the iPhone?

Another TechCrunch article, though this one is specifically related to the iPhone. Apparently, a rumor as of last month has begun circulating suggesting that China may be providing subsidized iPhones to the Chinese Public. I think if this happens, the implications could be very big. If the Chinese public were to receive iPhones, we’d have a really interesting case of a very modern technology arriving in a developing country. According to the article, talks have previously happened, but China has failed to make a deal with Apple in the past.

A link to the article can be found here.

10/05/2008Japanese Companies Take the Role of Representing Asia

This year’s TechCrunch50 2008 Conference was a largely international event. Last year, at TC40, Japan made no showing, however this year, there were 3 companies presenting, Opentrace, Tonchidot, Gazopa, and two demopit companies, Adlibe and Mulodo. “These five companies helped show a worldwide audience that development of innovative web services is not geographically limited to the US.” Info about the companies, and what these programs do can be found in the TechCrunch article.

Link to the article can be found here.

10/05/2008China to Demand Source Code

From Daily Yomiuri Online, an AP article appeared reporting China’s new policy (to be enacted in May) requiring all companies to release their source code to the government. Those who do not comply, will have products banned. I think it’s an interesting article, originally found by a slashdot reader. China is not a democracy, nor do they function in a capitalistic way like the US… I can see American readers thinking this is preposterous, but what works for us here may not always work for those across seas.

Link to the full article here.

09/28/2008Webkare Sensation in Japan

I have come across an article talking about a social networking site in Japan. Webkare or Web “boyfriend” implements many special aspects of other social networking site such as HotOrNot and Twitter while combining them with their own unique catch, Virtual Dating. Released on the 10th of September, could it be a fad or something that will be popular for years to come? I believe to be a good social networking site, you must be able to tie in multiple aspects at once without confusing the user. Virtual dating has for a long time been a popular genre in Japan, for both men and women, so it will be interesting to see what comes from a place like this.

Link to the article here.



  1. Pazhar said,

    I found the article on the web “boyfriend” fun. I guess it is not a big thing, but they should have one for gays and lesbians. Seriously… I find you topic rather interesting, learning about the new technologies exspecially in East Asia. East Asia is on a fast tract to becoming a technological empire. I enjoyed the articles on the World Bank and the iPhone. I am amazed that the iPhone was not in China sooner. The World Bank is corrupt and should be modulated by the government and we should be able to elect officals for the World Bank as we do for the government. I really dont like all the strict requirments that they force on governments. I find it not surprising at all that they would try to conceal the hacking, they are not coordinated at all. Well anyways I found your Q-Blog interesting.


  2. loganschnur said,

    Oh man, that new DS is rather nifty looking. That is what I (kinda) hate about technology, you buy some new product and then a year later they release a much better, updated version. But I suppose that is just the natural progression of things. I have a DS Lite, but I rarely play it. I haven’t found too many interesting games worth buying. Anyway, I hope developers can put these new DS features to good use, instead of them ending up as silly gimmicks.

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