About Me

Hello! My name is Kris Kegley.

I am a Junior, attending Indiana University at the Bloomington Campus. I am a major in Journalism/ EALC (East Asian Languages and Culture).

Growing up, I was a bit of an anime nerd, but for the most part, I have abandoned the majority of it (I have gone back into the closet, so to speak) and extend most of my interest culturally and to learning the Japanese Language. I love technology and all of the implications it has in bringing the world together, not to mention a pretty sweet gaming rig is worth mentioning as well.

In a general sense, I am much more worldly than many of my peers. I was for a long while very fond of Japanese and Korean Pop Culture. In Politics, I tend to care a little less about the ‘here at home’, and moreso about the longterm implications across the globe.

I have a geeky dream to work for a video game magazine, but something tells me that may not pan out exactly as I’d hope. More than likely, I will go straight to graduate school.


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