A Guide to Action

This is a Guide to Action. Listed here are 5 steps that you can take for becomming more familiar with technology.

1. Invest in a piece of higher end Technology.

Investing in a piece of higher end technology might seem to be a little bit on the expensive side for many, but I cannot stress more that keeping up with Technology trends is what keeps you in the know about what technologies exist. For example, the new iPod touch line from Apple contain multiple upgrades that their previous versions did not have, and it is smaller, to match with the 3g iPhone as well. Not only will you feel good about yourself by doing this, but others will notice how tech savvy you are as well.

2. Educate yourself about the market

Educating yourself on the market is key to getting a good deal in the technology world, as turnover rates for computers and handheld devices are very high. You must judge your own personal need when looking at this, because sometimes—you are able to get a good deal on an item when you see a good sale, but sales are also indicative of a flush of inventory. Laptop prices will take a drop just as a new standard configuration is being filtered into the mix. Take caution, you may be getting that deal because you’re getting soon to be obsolete technology.

3. Frequent Technology Blogs

The easiest way to learn about technology is to frequent other places that discuss it. My personal favorite is Slashdot.org. Technology sections of news websites are also a good place to discuss technology, because they will avoid topics such as programming languages, in lieu of popular gadgets that consumers may want to get their hands on.

4. Learn about popular technology in other parts of the world.

Sometimes, the only way to stay ahead of the game is to know what is happening in the world. Many times, technology trends start in other countries before filtering over to the United States. Cell phone technology, which was popular in Japan, has manifested full scale overseas. Text and Picture messaging 10 years ago were just at the beginning of inception, and today they are full fledged past times.

5. If you’re able, build a computer.

For myself, I was only able to understand technology more after I had built my first computer over this past summer. From scratch, parts I had gotten from Newegg.com became a top of the line computer, and half the cost of purchasing an actual tower. The process was finished within a day for my first time, and I learned more about the inner workings of a computer than I ever would have otherwise. Computers are fragile, but opening one up isn’t going to do any harm if you go in with caution and direction.


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